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Earn passive income by selling our online trainings

Step 1 – Register an affiliate account

Register an account to start building your passive income.

Your account username is also a -50% coupon code.

You can tell your audience about it and increase your sales.
Choose your affiliate account username wisely, so that you can use it as a coupon code.
The coupon gives your customers a 50% discount on all trainings.
It is reusable and it never expires.

How to register an affiliate account – Video tutorial

Step 2 – Copy a referral link and put it on your website

Referral link is necessary to track all your sales.
You can use it as a link or add it to an advertising banner.
Whatever works for you.

Where to find a referral link – Video tutorial

Step 3 – Check your income

You get a 33% of each training sold via your referral link.
You can check your commission value in earnings section on your affiliate account.
If the training is sold at a price that includes your discount coupon, your commission will be 33% of the promotional price.

How to check my income – video tutorial

Step 4 – Receive your income via bank or Paypal transfer

Fill in your account number or paypal account email in your profile section.
The commission you earn can be paid out after selling at least 4 trainings.
Send us a request and we will make a bank transfer to the account you provide.

How to fill in payment information – Video tutorial