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Welcome Bridge Players — learn bridge with KRZYSZTOF MARTENS, listed by Word Bridge Federation as World Grand Master.

My Bridge Site is offering you all basic information about me, my achievements and my activities in the world of bridge. You can find short notes about my books, read free excerpts of them and see how to order selected items.

Martens University – training program for advanced players.

Training project includes 5 printed books. Further five are being prepared. They are aimed to a good player, who wants to make progress up to the expert level in a reasonable time. It is not an easy task. One has to make a lot of small steps towards raising his qualifications in all of bridge fields:
- bidding – laying particular emphasis on competitive bidding
- play – to improve its efficiency.
- defensive play - is considered as the most difficult element of bridge.
There are also e-books in the offer. ( PDF files ).
The great advantage of e-books over printed ones is obvious.

Bridge lessons with Krzysztof.

My comprehensive offer – as bridge experts - includes all ways of teaching bridge, it means:
- online courses for individual players and pairs.
- land seminars for pairs, teams and groups.
I can also play with you as professional partner and teacher during various tour- naments. Further details on request.

Please contact me if you have any questions!

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The similar procedure applies while downloading a free chapter.
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