My Bridge Books Price List

We publish a price list of all books available in our e – shop. For those who where asking, and for those who did not ask but are interested anyway. Printed Books All prices in euro 1. Dynamic Declarer Play. Virtual European Championship part. 1 – 20 2. Dynamic Declarer Play. Virtual European Championship, part.2 – 20 3. Extra […]

Chinese version is ready! Professional Slam Bidding I & II

Dear Bridge Players! Another language version of both parts of the new book Professional Slam Bidding is ready. Now it’s available in Traditional Chinese. The credit belongs to my long – term student – Jackson Chen who was kind enough to provide us with a translation. The new book is also available in english and […]

New Book Now Available!

  New book Professional Slam Bidding Part I & II is now available. There are some insights about its content in previous article NEW BOOK 2014. You can have them in paperback or PDF formats. PDFs are in english and spanish. I’m planning to release chinese version too. Each printed book is accompanied with special […]

New Book 2014

Dear Bridge Players, I have studied many books covering the world championship in the past two decades. What I have found is shocking. Top professional pairs made a lot of mistakes due to bad hand evaluation and the wrong interpretation of particular calls. Professional pairs leave room for improvement in practically every element of slam […]

Martens University New Website

Welcome Bridge Players! I managed to arrange new look and functionalities for Martens University website. Additional to the previous version there are two interesting sections: free lessons and blog. Free lessons – You can find there a series of deals with analysis and solutions. Each deal teach you something else, improves your bridge play in […]