Lesson 1 – Learn to play bridge online: Match Against Croatia

This is one of the series of free bridge online lessons teaching how to solve problems of various difficulty level.
This lesson is a fragment from the book ” Virtual European Championships part 1″.

Board 1 – Difficulty level ♣

croatia 1,1



Solution of the play problem from the match with Croatia

Croatia board 1, 2


Contract 6. Lead 10, you played the jack, which won the trick.

The main point – If you ruff the fourth round of hearts, maybe South will overruff from a four-card trump holding.


Order of play:

2. Ace of diamonds, small safety play against a singleton diamondwith South.

3. A heart to the ace.

4. A spade to the king.

5. A heart to the king, if South ruffs, then we draw trumps.

6. Heart ruffed.


The result from the Closed Rooms:

Contract 3NT: +430 for EW.

Correct play: +920 = +10 IMP.

Down one: –50 = –10 IMP.


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