Lesson 4 – Learn to play bridge online: Match Against France

This is one of the series of free bridge online lessons teaching how to solve problems of various difficulty level.
This lesson is a fragment from the book ” Virtual European Championships part 1″.

Board 33 – Difficulty level ♣
Contract 3NT.
Lead ♠3,
S plays the queen.










The main point – Look for a way to discard blocking cards.

Order of play:
1. Duck the spade queen. Do not worry. South will continue spades.
2 – 3. Pitch two diamonds to two spades.
4. Concede the trick to the king of diamonds.

Closed room – the French have landed in a lucky contract 4. The spade finesse worked and heart distribution brought the contract home.
Result: +420 for EW.
You withheld the queen of spades: +400, you lost only 1 IMP.
Otherwise: –10 IMP.

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