Lesson 5 – Learn to play bridge online: Match Against Iceland

This is one of the series of free bridge online lessons teaching how to solve problems of various difficulty level.
This lesson is a fragment from the book ” Virtual European Championships part 2″.

Board 9 – Difficulty level ♣
Contract 3NT.
Lead 3.

hands W E


Lesson 5 - Full deal

The main point – combine all your chances.

Order of play:

2 – 4. Check if spades behave:

a) if they break 3-3, you have nine tricks by playing hearts;

b) if spades are 4-2, you have to find clubs 2-2.

Closed room – contract 3 NT, + 600 for EW.

You checked the spades: no swing.

You played the club suit first: – 200 = -13 IMP.

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