Lesson 3 – Learn to play bridge online: Match Against Spain

This is one of the series of free bridge online lessons teaching how to solve problems of various difficulty level.
This lesson is a fragment from the book ” Virtual European Championships part 1″.

Board 26 – Difficulty level ♣

Contract 3NT.
Lead ♠5.








Solution of the play problem from the match with Spain





Motive – Block the suit that has been led against you.

The opening lead was made from one of these combinations:

a)            J 10 7 5 4
b)           K J 8 5 4
c)            K 10 7 5 4


If instead North held:

d)           K J 10 5 4

he would have led the jack (or ten, depending on the lead convention) instead.

Taking the first trick with the ace is effective in all three cases. Playing the queen will fail against case (a) when the ace of diamonds is with spades. So, winning the first trick with the ace is correct although in the long run the profits will not be high.

Closed room – Contract 3NT (East) +600 for EW.

You played the ace – no swing.

You played the queen – 12 IMP.



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