Lesson 2 – Learn to play bridge online: Match Against Bulgaria

This is one of the series of free bridge online lessons teaching how to solve problems of various difficulty level.
Lesson is a fragment from the book ” Virtual European Championships part 1″.

Board 12 – Difficulty level ♣

bulgaria b12,1




Solution of the play problem from the match with Croatia

bulgaria b12,2

Contract 6NT. Lead 10.

The main point – Combine as many chances as possible.

Win the diamond lead in the West hand and play 2 to the jack, hoping that North holds the queen. If South wins with the queen of hearts, win the return and cash two heart tricks in case the 10 drops. Finally, you will finesse the spade king or play for a heart-spade squeeze. The fall of the cards in the suits outside spades will often give you a clue as to which option to try.

Closed Room – Contract 6, +920 for EW.
You played well: +990 = +2 IMP.
Wrong declarer’s play: –50 = –14 IMP.

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