Innovative dummy play training – meeting 2


Those two webinars are just the beginning.
I have planned my online mentoring sessions for two years of weekly meetings. I will cover Dummy play, Defence, and Bidding.
I am starting the project I have been working on in recent years – mentoring. I do it for myself. Mentoring is to be a summary of my over 30 years of work as a trainer and coach of over 20 national teams. Bridge allowed me to do what I loved in life. I love this game.

Why the list of problem categories I identified in the first phase is so important. Your task will be after presenting the problem – you will have 1-2 minutes to recognize it problem category – identification. I suggest writing down your own types in notebook.
– Be smart
– We play chess
– Modeling
– Motives
– Practical aspects of the game
– Compulsions
– Safe gameplay
– Scenarios
– Investigation
– Insets. (endplay)
– Imagination

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