Innovative dummy play training – meeting 6


A decade ago, it seemed to me that the importance of technical skills and their impact on the final result would be decreasing. Why? Thanks to bridge literature and training programs, the average level of competence will increase.
I underestimated the time pressure – 7.5 minutes per hand.
From my over 30 years of coaching experience, many bridge players who start the analysis look like this;
An imaginary electron starts circulating around the brain. Bzzzzzzzzzzzz – looking for the right track. If it finds it, it starts working. If he doesn’t find it, he takes the action that first comes to mind.
Is there a recipe for this?
Forming habits and making positive change requires a wise approach. It’s easy to say – get rid of bad habits and absorb good ones. Micro-habits are key. Working on them means that algorithms appear in place of chaos – analysis is launched and directed immediately in the right direction. There is a sense of searching for a solution and discovering new concepts. The small step method is effective.
My concept is flexible.

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