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Welcome Bridge Players!

I managed to arrange new look and functionalities for Martens University website. Additional to the previous version there are two interesting sections: free lessons and blog.

Free lessons – You can find there a series of deals with analysis and solutions. Each deal teach you something else, improves your bridge play in one small element. You need to make thousands of such improvements on your way to mastery. I will keep new material coming on regular basis.

Blog – here you’ll find some stories from different bridge events I take part in. Each one of them brings fresh deals with interesting things to learn. I show and discuss them there. I’ll also give you hints and updates about new books (by the way there are two new almost ready, they will be available sometime in September). 

There are some useful information about the books and how the website works in Master’s Program section.

Also take a look at the books, there are book bundles arranged by fields of bridge (bidding, declarer play, defensive play). Buying a bundle gives you a discount (meaning you save some money comparing to buying the same books separately). Important hint: only paperback copies comes in bundles.

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